“Project Smok is a new endeavour for Ali Levack and Pablo Lafuente. With complete knowledge of their craft, their music is a masterful melding of whistle and guitar. 

To listeners, Ali Levack's firebrand whistle playing sounds as though it owes as much to the influence of the great jazz wind players as it does to his roots in Scottish music. It’s a long way from the tradition in which he grew up, where learned his craft as a Highland bagpiper at the feet of masters. The mastery has translated; he pushes his instrument to new heights, with fiery improvisation and total virtuosity. Levack's accompaniment comes from Pablo Lafuente; a rhythmic, groove filled guitar style that perfectly compliments his whistle playing. 

Project Smok’s debut album, “Horizon’s” was released in the spring of 2018. As well as their own input, it features the bodhran playing of the legendary Martin O’Neill. His appearance reflects the collaborative aspect of Project Smok. In this recording, and at live shows, the duo plan to draw upon connections within the vibrant Scottish folk scene to host a series of guest artists, a plan that will see the best of the best join them on stage.”